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governmentM is a cloud platform that provides all you need to deliver mobile apps for local government and public services.

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Available worldwide, campusM is already the preferred mobile solution of more than 25% of UK universities.

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Underpinning our solutions is cloudM – offering user features and management tools you won’t find elsewhere.

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  • Mobile apps for Citizens
  • Complies with G-Cloud


governmentM provides citizen apps – both native and web – that deliver against Channel Shift strategies.

The time to shift to mobile is now

Smartphones are now mainstream devices, and are making huge inroads into hard-to-reach groups. Our native apps work with the specific capabilities of mobile devices to provide a quick and easy route into local services that increases completion rates and won’t leave citizens phoning for help.

Cutting the cost of avoidable contact

governmentM generates significant savings by turning high-cost transactions into satisfying mobile experiences. Our mapping pinpoints services, like bin collection days, to user location. Push notifications give you all the benefits of SMS text messages but with none of the costs. Citizens can even access council information offline without face-to-face support.

governmentM™ Cloud Platform

governmentM™ is a cloud platform solution that fully complies with the G-Cloud model.

Cost-effective mobile apps for the G-Cloud era

governmentM is a multi-tenant platform. Deployment is quick and easy and maintenance overheads are low – upgrades go direct from the cloud to your citizens’ mobile devices with no intervention needed. And our transparent subscription model has no lock-in clause.

A hybrid cloud platform

governmentM offers a wide range of cloud-based tools to support your citizen apps. Your staff can extend our wide range of features, as well as reuse those developed by other local authorities. governmentM is a hybrid cloud platform, offering all the benefits of cloud computing without the data security risk – sensitive data remains secure in your own systems.


campusM delivers everything your university needs to build world-class mobile apps.

A trusted solution

Available worldwide, campusM is already the preferred mobile solution of more than 25% of UK universities, including global league table leaders.

The complete package

Solutions for student recruitment, the student experience and alumni communities are all part of the standard package. In the fast-moving world of higher education, it couldn’t be easier to develop new services and keep all your users’ devices updated with the latest information.

  • cloudM
  • App Manager
  • Apps
  • App Extension Kit
  • Analytics
  • Alerts

A Unique Hybrid Cloud Platform

cloudM underpins our government and education solutions – customers enjoy all the benefits of our shared mobile platform, while keeping their sensitive data inside the firewall.

Lower total cost of ownership

Deployment takes place within the short timescales that typify cloud-based solutions. With minimal in-house skills and infrastructure requirements, cloudM eliminates the burden of recurring upgrades, and reduces maintenance requirements dramatically.

The very latest mobile innovations

cloudM updates the mobile devices of all your users automatically with the latest features and platform innovations, without any intervention on your part. Customizations and integrations are safeguarded during upgrades. With cloudM, your mobile services are fully available and highly resilient.

cloudM App Manager

The cloudM App Manager is a powerful portal that makes it easy to manage, customize and publish updates to our mobile apps.

Putting you in control

From a simple interface you can update features, maps and geolocations, mobile branding, and manage content, without specialist skills.

Publishing updates to all mobile platforms

The publishing feature updates mobile apps on all platforms directly with changes and customizations as you make them – eliminating time-consuming upgrades to the different app stores.

cloudM Mobile Apps

Our cross-platform strategy delivers the best possible user experiences on every device.

All the inclusivity of multiple-device support

To deliver rich experiences across all devices, we design and develop native campusM apps for the iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, Android, and BlackBerry. We also make available a mobile web browser app, so everyone can access your mobile services.

Advanced integration and synching

With their own secure integration framework, cloudM apps integrate easily with legacy and third party systems. Our apps also detect updates on the cloudM App Manager and perform automatic synchronizations.


cloudM App Extension Kit (AEK)

Our AEK gives you the power and flexibility to extend cloudM apps, meeting local needs with features developed in-house.

Support your in-house developers

Based on HTML5, the AEK gives your developers the power to extend cloudM apps with screens, toolbars, new menu items, and integrated services.

Write once, deploy instantly

Developers need not develop separate solutions for each mobile platform. Once a new feature is built, it is automatically deployed across our platforms instantly – eliminating time-consuming upgrades to the different App Stores.

Here’s a few examples of how customers have used the AEK:

  • Student Finance
  • Live Bus Timetables
  • Help Desk Integration
  • PC and Room Booking
  • VLE/LMS Module
  • Student Surveys
  • House Finder
  • Mashups of Announcements from Blackboard and Sharepoint
  • Moodle Extensions
  • Live Washing Machine and Dryer Availability

Student Finance

Students can view their university finance statement – invoices, credits and payments.


cloudM Insight Analytics

cloudM Insight gives you full usage reporting designed specifically for today’s mobile environment.

Business intelligence for your mobile services

cloudM Insight goes beyond website-based analytics to capture mobile-specific data such as button-press metrics, and the devices, operating systems and platforms in use across the user base. cloudM Insight records the offline usage that is common with mobile apps, and reports on features and pages added locally to your mobile app.

cloudM Alerts

cloudM Alerts is a cost-free and comprehensive communications channel delivered in real time.

A joined-up alerts system

The cloudM Alerts Server can send community-wide push notifications to iOS, Android, and BlackBerry mobile devices anywhere in the world. Where a user has registered more than one device, the Alerts Server simply messages both devices. Your alerts can include rich text with links to maps and other resources.

Flexible Personalized Alerts

The cloudM Alerts Server integrates with back-end systems to send out timely personalized communications. Keep your users on track with deadline reminders and library notifications. Our alerts also work with text messaging systems to keep your SMS costs down.

  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Design & Branding
  • 360 Degree Support


We offer a range of professional services to suit your skills and the scope of your implementation.

Transferring all the skills and knowledge you need

We give your staff the training and ongoing support they need to manage your mobile app independently.

A track record you can rely on

With well-proven processes in place, we will get you up and running smoothly and quickly. Our technical consultants have a strong track record for rapid deployments. Their deep knowledge of education and government systems means ease of integration with legacy and third party systems.


Integrating our mobile apps with your systems delivers rich and convenient services to your users, wherever they are.

Fully-integrated mobile services

cloudM complies with leading standards, simplifying integration with legacy and third party systems. Our wide range of pre-built connectors to the most popular management and front-end systems minimizes deployment time.

Experience you can trust

We have successfully integrated cloudM apps with an impressive range of back-end systems.

Design & Branding

Smartphones and tablets are changing the way the world interacts with organizations, so your mobile presence needs to be in the vanguard of brand design and management.

Mobilizing your institution’s prestige

We deliver exciting unique designs specifically for mobile. Customized and styled by our mobile design specialists, our apps help to generate and sustain brand recognition, trust and loyalty from the earliest interactions.

360 Degree Support

We are always available to help you meet your mobile goals.

Thrive after go-live

Our customers can count on us to help with anything from basic queries and managing app store processes, to bespoke customizations. Our standard 360 Degree Support package includes regular Health Checks of all customer deployments, and recommendations to keep them ahead of the pack with leading mobile experiences.

Welcome to the oMbiel community

Join the oMbiel online community, and access its growing knowledge base. Let your developers share customizations and marketers discuss best practice. We listen closely to our customers, feeding their ideas into the product roadmap.

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  • 2015/03/19Leading business school HEC Paris chooses campusM
  • 2015/03/16campusM to showcase iBeacon Attendance Management at UCISA 2015
  • 2015/03/06Staffordshire Connects Partnership go live with governmentM
  • 2015/03/04Central Queensland University launch an Orientation Profile
  • 2015/02/26iLancaster is Highly Commended
  • 2015/02/12A Great Start For Our Newest campusM Team-Member
  • 2015/01/30Using new technology to solve old problems
  • 2015/01/22campusM Launch iBeacon Attendance Monitoring
  • 2015/01/15Webinar showcases new features in our App Manager
  • 2014/12/16Bournemouth Uni spreads Christmas cheer with campusM

Leading business school HEC Paris chooses campusM

HEC Paris has chosen campusM as the best Platform to deliver its student services. The top business school in mainland Europe, as ranked by the Financial Times in 2014, HEC Paris identified campusM as an established product with an impressive client base in the UK.

We first met staff from HEC Paris at a user group of UNIT4’s Agresso student records system, where they invited us to demonstrate the campusM Platform to them. They saw that integrating Agresso with campusM would give their students an app for course information, timetables, and grades.

HEC Paris will also go live with library integration, maps, news events, transport information, and a pocket guide for students. Future plans include integrations with their learning management system and jobs board.

It’s great to welcome them into our ever-expanding campusM community.

campusM to showcase iBeacon Attendance Management at UCISA 2015

Universities are under increasing pressure to record student attendance, however traditional card-based systems are expensive and paper-based solutions are time consuming.

campusM have developed a simple to use, cost effective Attendance Monitoring solution, utilizing iBeacon technology.

We will be showcasing campusM Attendance Monitoring next week at UCISA 2015 on18-20th March. Come along to Stand 78 to see how campusM can help your institution gather reliable attendance data and improve student engagement.

For more information read our iBeacons Attendance Monitoring Overview Paper

If you are unable to attend but would like more information about the campusM Platform please email

myStaffs showing on iPhones

governmentM and Staffordshire Connects Partnership are thrilled to announce the launch of the innovative new myStaffs app and portal for residents of Staffordshire.

In the first deployment of its kind, residents receive information, and access services, particular to them depending on where they live.

The app is available for any device, and is filled with useful information about public service facilities.  Residents can also sign up to receive alerts for services such as waste collection and school closures, ensuring that wherever they are they can keep up to date with the most relevant information for them.

This ambitious project will bring real value to residents, and we are looking forward to continue working with Staffordshire Connects Partnership to bring even more functionality in the future.

Residents of Staffordshire County Council can download the app by visiting from their mobile device, or visit the web app at





Central Queensland University launch an Orientation Profile

Orientation Profile for CQU showing on and iPhone 5Central Queensland University (CQU) have used the campusM Platform to launch a new profile within their app.  Profiles allow customers to target information and services to particular groups of users.

This particular profile – Orientation – is designed to cater to the particular needs of students who are just starting their life at University.

With access to targeted information and maps, students will be able to easily access the materials that they need.

iLancaster app on iPhone 5C

iLancaster is Highly Commended

Congratulations to Lancaster University whose campusM mobile app has been Highly Commended in the UCISA Award for Excellence.

iLancaster has helped to improve Undergraduate engagement and increase the number of applicants making Lancaster their first choice.

We at campusM are thrilled that the team at Lancaster have received this acknowledgement of all of the hard work that they have put into iLancaster, and we look forward to continuing working with them in the future.

A Great Start For Our Newest  campusM Team-Member

In his first week as Technical Account Manager (TAM), Simon Riley has really got stuck in.

We gave him just one day to settle in before sending him off on our Staff Away Day, where he took an active part in the interactive elements of the day and made some valuable contributions. He took every opportunity to find out more about the campusM Platform, and to get to know the team better. And over the course of the day, his appreciation of both our customer focus and the Platform’s unique capabilities grew.

Simon comes to campusM with more than a decade of experience in e- Learning.  He’s looking forward to working closely with Universities to build on their campusM solutions, bridging technical development and customer relationship management, as all our TAMs do. He really likes the modern campusM offices as well as the friendly team, and he promises to be a great asset as we tackle the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Using new technology to solve old problems

We see many of our customers looking for innovative and cost effective means to address the challenge of monitoring Classroom Attendance. Specifically Universities and Colleges need to be able to report on student attendance however traditional systems can be prohibitively expensive or very difficult to set up.

With this in mind we have developed an attendance monitoring solution utilizing iBeacon technology. Over the next month or so we will be deploying our first iBeacon Attendance Monitoring Project and are anticipating some very powerful results.

We are creating resources to explain what we are doing and how to get involved including a video that you can see at Jackie has also written a blog on the subject, which is available here –
Keep up to date with developments by following us on twitter @_campusM_ and LinkedIn

campusM Launch iBeacon Attendance Monitoring

campusM is pleased to announce the launch of it’s new end-to-end attendance monitoring solution utilizing iBeacons.

It is quick and simple to set up in any type of space, and offers significant cost savings over a swipe card system and time savings over paper based registers. An added benefit is that there does not need to be an internet connection for it to work.

It couldn’t be easier for students – all they do is walk into the room and the iBeacon recognizes that they should be there, records their attendance and sends them a push notification confirming their registration. There is no intervention needed from Academic Staff, and there are also mechanisms for recording attendance of the small percentage of students not in possession of a smartphone.

campusM Attendance Monitoring is available either as a stand alone solution, or as part of a campusM Enterprise deployment.

If you would like to find out more please contact Andrew Taylor via email or phone 07843258940

Webinar showcases new features in our App Manager

Yesterday we held a webinar to show our customers the new version of App Manager. campusM has a comprehensive but simple to use content management tool which allows institutions to take full control of the branding and content of their app.
The new app manager is packed with great features including live preview of how the app will look, with the added ability to specify which device or platform you want to preview it on.  Our asset manager has been enhanced to allow drag and drop file management and a simpler user interface makes the App Manager easier to use than ever.

Bournemouth Uni spreads Christmas cheer with campusM

We love hearing about novel uses for our apps and we were thrilled last week to hear of a very festive idea that Bournemouth University has had. It recently launched its ‘Tweet the tree’ initiative, which allows staff and students using twitter and specific hashtags, to say what they like most about the University.

Each hashtag has a colour associated with it and depending on which is currently most popular, the lights on the main Bournemouth University Christmas tree change colour to show the leader!

The team at Bournemouth have added a shortcut to this on the homepage of their app and it is currently the 3rd most popular menu item. There has been lots of positive feedback about it and we think it’s a great idea.


If you would like to be part of our talented and energetic team we have the following vacancies available

  • Web Developer
  • Java Developer

If you would be interested in applying for any of these positions, or would like more information  please contact  We look forward to hearing from you.

oMbiel is a trusted supplier of mobile solutions

Meteoric rise of a mobile pioneer

In only three years, oMbiel has risen to become the leading mobile app supplier in UK education. Its mobile platform is in use at some of the country’s most prestigious universities, as well as institutions in Denmark and Australia. oMbiel supplies into the government sector, delivering apps for public services. The company also provides conference apps for Apple’s education teams located around the world.

A flawless track record

oMbiel’s founder Hugh Griffiths has a flawless track record as both technical consultant and start-up entrepreneur, and is relentless in his innovation of the platform. His team of mobile specialists provide customers with all the features, tools and support they need to deliver compelling mobile apps.

App Manager Webinar

14th January 2pm
Register to attend

Company headquarters:
oMbiel Limited
Creative Industries Centre
Wolverhampton Science Park
United Kingdom
WV10 9TG

t: + 44 845 37 126 37
f: + 44 1902 837 401

  • Address: oMbiel Limited Creative Industries Centre Wolverhampton Science Park Wolverhampton United Kingdom WV10 9TG
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